About cookies

What's a cookie?

A cookie is an installed file. and keep & oacute; on the hard disk of the Internet user, subject to his choice, by the website server visit & oacute; or by a third party server (webanalytic tool).

A cookie is used to recognize the user's terminal when it comes back to a website. Indeed, it is not the user who is recognized but the terminal from which he visits a website.

What are the cookies used by this site for?

Cookies provided by the site are used to recognize the user's terminal when they connect to the Site in order to establish statistics and user volumes. and use of the Site.

The agreement on cookies

The registration of a cookie in a terminal is essentially subordinate. & Agrave; the will & oacute; of the terminal user, that the latter can express and modify; any time and for free & agrave; through the choices offered by its browser software.

If you have accepted & oacute; in your browser software the registration of cookies in your terminal, cookies embedded in the pages and contents you have viewed may be stored temporarily in a dedicated area. of your terminal. They will be read only by their emitter.

The refusal of cookies

If you refuse to save cookies in your terminal, no navigation data will be saved. without your knowledge when browsing this site.